The Park

The UVA Research Park serves as a physical space where connections between entrepreneurs, scientists, emerging companies and established businesses are provided the resources they need to be successful. Tenants of the Park are able to leverage the resources of the University by working in tandem with the following organizations:

Applied Research Institute

Located in the Emerging Technology Center, the Applied Research Institute leverages the University’s human and capital assets to support applied research, education and training, with a focus on, but not limited to, homeland security, national intelligence and defense challenges.

Faculty in UVA’s Engineering School, School of Medicine, and the College of Arts and Sciences are involved in research with partners including Northrop Grumman, SRC, TASC, Signature Science, and Battelle, among others, to work on projects related to undersea power units, cyber security, custom integrated circuits, scientometric analysis of scientific literature, bioinformatics and infectious disease.

UVA Licensing & Ventures Group

The Licensing & Ventures Group works with UVA researchers to protect their intellectual property, license University technology to independent companies and launch new businesses. They offer progressive licensing strategies, an entrepreneur-in-residence program, and recently started the UVA Seed Fund, which provides early-stage investment to selected start-ups.