Alumni Advisory Board of AK-AXE and AMPEL BioSolutions To Present Awards in Honor of Ozgur Ekmekci April 15th

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The Alumni Advisory Board of the Alpha Kappa Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma is pleased to announce that anonymous donors and AMPEL BioSolutions have funded awards to honor the memory of Berk Ekmekci’s father, Ozgur Ekmekci. A scientist in mind and philosopher at heart, Ozgur was a lifelong scholar who died tragically last fall at the age of 51. His focus toward critical thinking and quantitative analysis was fueled by an immense fascination with the forces driving life, time, and the universe as a whole. He took pleasure in discussing the biggest of questions and formulating new ideas even when an answer might seem far from revealing itself. Ozgur found his calling in academia as an educator at George Washington University, where he was free to explore his own intellectual journey while helping others along their own. The role of mentorship was one that came naturally to him, and it was one he fully embraced. He impacted many lives in and out of the class setting through his indelible ability to convey ideas clearly and to distill the most intricate of questions to their essence. In embodying the spirit of a student, educator, and mentor, Ozgur would be honored by the impact this award carries in his name.
Three awards for the best undergraduate poster presentations at the American Chemical Society meeting sponsored by the University of Virginia Chemistry Department will be given on Friday, April 15th. The poster session is from 5-7 pm is the main lobby of the Chemistry Building; cash awards of $400, $300 and $200 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize will be presented shortly after 7 pm.

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