UVA Today: Biologist Uncovers Fundamental New Strategy for Destroying Cancer Cells

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University of Virginia cell biologist John Herr has found a surprising link between the ovaries’ growing egg cells and cancerous cells originating in tumors of the uterus and other organs. Years of studying the fundamental properties of proteins found in the mammalian oocyte (egg) helped his research team uncover an entirely new way to treat cancer.

“We think we have a way not only to target cancer cells, but a way that could become a frontline treatment for women who have cancers of many types and want to preserve fertility.”

With this discovery, Herr started his first cancer research company, Neoantigenics. Like all of Herr’s companies, Neoantigenics (located in the UVA Research Park) was formed with the help of U.Va.’s Licensing and Venture Group, and the company will work with U.Va.’s labs as it begins testing it’s new cancer medication – first in animal models, and, if all goes well, they may begin human trials in select populations as early as 2016.

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