Defense Intelligence Agency Rivanna Station Fellowship Program

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The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Rivanna Station Fellowship Program is an opportunity for local businesses to host DIA employees to complete professional development assignments. The fellowship allows the Charlottesville community to receive temporary skilled labor, potentially to fill critical short-term need, while the local DIA workforce has the opportunity for professional development outside of the formal classroom.

Projects assigned to the DIA professionals can range from short term research projects, laboratory support, administrative duties, to regular full-time work relevant to the local entity. The fellowship period will depend on the agreement made between the local business and the DIA employee and their supervisor; it could, as an example, require full-time support for 2 months, part-time support for 6 months, or another length of time. During the fellowship period, the individual will remain a DIA employee and receive their normal pay and benefits for the federal government.

DIA Rivanna Station employs analysts, engineers, scientists, and other support staff.

Fellowship projects must be submitted to and approved by the DIA.

For more information please contact the DIA Rivanna Station Fellowship Program coordinator, Ms. Megan Gelston, (434) 995-4056;

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