Upcoming Lecture: Creativity in Science and the Corporate World

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Dr. Amrie Grammer, co-founder of AMPEL BioSolutions located in the UVA Research Park, is hosting a symposium on Creativity in the Academic & Corporate Worlds this Thursday, July 31 from 2:30-4pm in Rm 304 of the Chemistry Building.

The talks are part of a week-long meeting of Alpha Chi Sigma (AXE), a professional Chemistry Fraternity & are co-sponsored by the Chemistry Department and the Graduate Students Consulting & Beyond Club. Dr. Grammer is an alumnus of UVA’s AK chapter of AXE.


“Mastering the Corporate World with a Scientific Mind”

How utilizing your experience and skills as a scientist can make you successful in a corporate world.

24d3e8dJacob Surber travels the world speaking and learning about how the creative and scientific mind works together. He has successfully navigated the corporate world, through communication, focusing on practical goals and living at the “bleeding” edge of creativity and quantum thinking. Jacob works directly with the executive staff of Adobe and helps define the direction of new products over multiple teams within the company. Just out of the Univ. of Michigan at Ann Arbor in 2000, Jacob started his own business concentrating on FLASH based simulations for major scientific software companies. He joined Adobe in 2009 & supersonically advanced from a Technical Designer, through Product Management, to his current position as Senior Manager of the Creative Cloud Ecosystem. Jacob holds many patents and is very creative, both scientifically and in communication with others. He is a sought-after speaker age group (35), speaking most recently at ConvergeSE.

Jacob was interested in basic science during his undergraduate years at UM, completing both general and organic chemistry. He lives in the San Francisco area with his wife and two young children near UC Berkeley (Sigma Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma) & is a published amateur photographer

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“Creative Problem Solving: Perceiving Your Roadblocks Differently”

The need for creativity within the bounds of scientific research and development.

2bae830Rodney Dietert is a Professor at Cornell (Tau Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma) in Immunology & Toxicology who, for his award-winning course, wrote Science Sifting: Tools for Innovation in Science and Technology, a text book aimed at budding scientists looking to broaden their capacities to access and use information from diverse sources to the benefit of their research careers.

Dr. Rodney Dietert travels extensively giving talks & workshops at different universities on “enhanced creative thinking, conscious awareness and novel problem solving skills directed at science and business career development.”  Most recently, Rodney was a guest star on Syracuse ABC TV to talk about his insights into expanding one’s consciousness into creativity during daily life. Dr. Dietert has also published more than 200 peer-reviewed articles focused on early-life environmental risk factors for the developing immune system and prevention of non-communicable diseases. He lives in the Ithaca, NY area with his wife, Janice, exploring life-transforming tools.

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