Students in the Park: Laura DeBuck

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At the Park, we try to bridge the gap between the University’s intellectual firepower, and research facilities and private industry – including mutually beneficial relationships between Park tenants and UVA students. Not only do companies in the Park have access to a high-caliber workforce, but UVA students have access to meaningful internships and careers, and the community retains the bright young minds and future leaders of tomorrow.

The first in a continuing series, we caught up with Laura DeBuck, a 2013 grad, and now a full-time employee at Signature Science.


Q. Tell us a bit about yourself – what are you studying at UVA?

A. I graduated from the University in May 2013, with a BS in Chemistry with a Specialization in Biochemistry.

Q. What initially attracted you to Signature Science?

A. I was attracted to Signature Science because I had a very strong interest in forensics, both chemical forensics and DNA forensics/analysis.  Two of my future bosses came and talked in my Forensic Chemistry class multiple times, and I was always interested in what they had to say.  I talked to them after class and became very interested in the company.

Q. Tell us a bit about your internship – what were you working on?

A. Throughout the summer, I was involved in a variety of projects that included training classes for our clients, as well as some research and training on the instruments in the lab (GCMS and LCMS), and some product development for the company.

Q. What were you hoping to learn during your internship?

A. I have always enjoyed chemistry since high school and was hoping to learn more about what I could do with a chemistry degree that did not involve the medical field or biotechnology.  I have enjoyed the consultant work that Signature Science performs, which has allowed me to apply chemistry to many different types of projects and areas.  I have also been able to learn more about DNA and chemical forensics during my internship.

Q. What are you hoping to do after graduation?

A. Since I acquired the internship the summer after graduation, I was hoping to stay with Signature Science, and I was hired full time at the beginning of September!

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