Foundation Purchases Carlisle Building

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The University of Virginia Foundation purchased the Carlisle Motion Control Building located in the UVA Research Park for $2.2 million. The 25,000 square foot building is a Class “A” office and light industrial facility and is one of eight buildings currently located in the Park. The Foundation has leased the building to the University of Virginia’s Center for Applied Biomechanics who will take occupancy of the building in early fall 2010.

The Center for Applied Biomechanics (CAB) was established in 1989 as the Auto Safety Laboratory. They are recognized as one of the leading research groups in the world within the area of injury biomechanics and continue to make major contributions to the reduction of injuries and fatalities.

CAB is involved in a wide spectrum of research activities and projects for improving various aspects of injury prevention and control. Experimental work is conducted using an automobile sled, a variety of state-of-the-art equipment for safety-related and impact biomechanics testing, a high performance computational cluster, and biomechanical material preparation facilities. Current projects include development and evaluation of lower extremity and thoracic injury criteria, development of finite element models for these regions as part of the Global Human Body Model project biofidelity evaluation of future crash test dummies, investigation of blast injury to the brain, evaluation of advanced vehicle passenger restraint systems, and characterization of biological materials.

The Foundation owns and develops the 562 acre University of Virginia Research Park (Park) located on US Route 29 North. Currently, there are eight buildings in the Park totaling 491,000 square feet of building area. Zoning is in place for development of up to 3.7 million square feet.

The University of Virginia Foundation helps to promote and accommodate the University of Virginia’s future academic and related activities through acquisitions, development and management of real property.

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